Visiting Art in Paradise- Bangkok


Art in Paradise is a must-see place when you get a chance to visit Bangkok city. It is sure that you will have unforgettable experiences with your family and friends.

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Art in Paradise, the very successful interactive attraction which started in Pattaya, is now open at Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada road. Also refered by locals as the Trickeye Museum or 3D Museum, Art in Paradise is great fun for couples, friends and families to spend a few hilarious hours, especially on rainy days. Esplanade Mall is located on the outskirts of Bangkok, but the MRT station is right in front of the mall.

Art in Paradise Bangkok ( via Touradvisor)

Located on the 4th floor of the rather quiet mall, the new 3D Art in Paradise is a shiny and spotless 2 storey gallery packed with superbly executed paintings in which visitors are invited to be part of dozens of scenes ranging from ‘stairway to hell’, ‘ride a flying carpet’ to the ‘Coronation of the Emperor’ Distributed in several large rooms, the artwork done by the artists is really impressive and just admiring it is part of the pleasure of visiting.

It’s a bit overwhelming at first to see so many intricate scenes in each room with people everywhere trying to find the best or the silliest pose, but soon the game captures you and you will find yourself trying to strike a pose on a surfboard or above a fictional abyss. To help the visitors, markers with arrows have been placed on the floor to indicate the best angle, and if you look in some hard to find corners, you’ll find photos taken by previous visitors that will help you understand which pose works best with each scene.

What to do

Art in Paradise ( via The Asia)

Walking around the rooms of Art in Paradise and finding the right pose takes 2 to 3 hours depending on how much fun you are having and how many friends are with you. There is no particular order to go around and take your photos, there are so many scenes to interact with you can go back and forth as you please, especially when someone monopolizes the scene you really want to be in. Trying to describe all the scene depicted in the gallery would spoil the fun, just know that they are different from the ones displayed in the Pattaya gallery.

Benefiting from their experience with previous museums, the Korean artists of Art in Paradise did an amazing job at maximising the space and rendering scenes using floor and walls, allowing you to literally step into a frame. On the downside, the protecting varnish used to coat the paintings is so glossy, it reflects everything, lights and people, partly spoiling the effect. For instance if you are walking a (virtual) rickety bridge above an abyss, you shouldn’t see your reflection into the abyss… but you do. Note also the you will need to deposit your shoes at the entrance and pick them up on the way back, tripods are also allowed in the gallery so everyone can be happily part of the frame!

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